Friday, August 5, 2011

Trip to Rochester NY - Finale

I'll round out the week with the beginning and end of my trip up to Rochester and Oswego NY last weekend.  I arrived in the airport, excited to see THE BLUE ZONE...It put a smile on my face to see Labatts Blue.  I then went right from the airport over to Marketplace Mall where a Rochester franchise of the Original Anchor Bar was opened.  The Anchor Bar in Buffalo is the home of the original Buffalo chicken wing as you know them today.  The wings weren't bad, but it's not like the Buffalo location.  And my wifey says Duff's wings are the best wings in Buffalo anyway, so no major loss.  I got a shirt there, but left it at my parent's house by mistake, hopefully my mom will send it soon.  Hint hint.

The plan was to meet my Dad/Gma/Mom at the parent's house for Pizza/wings, but I surprised my Grandma by stopping over there first and took a quick picture of her cat Groucho while I was there.  Such a good kitty, but he likes to playfully bite after a bit of petting.  We then went over to the parent's house for Pontillos pizza and Anchor Bar wings.  Pontillo's is soooo good.  It's totally the sweet sauce that I love so much.  Mmmmm...The Mark's pizza we have in the freezer is also very good, but just not Pontillo's.  I'm grateful to have the Mark's, since it's better than anything we have here.

 My parent's cat Levi was out and about most of the time I was there, which was cool.  When a lot of people are around for a party or whatever he hides and he also doesn't like storms and hides in the basement.  My mom had her whole side of the family over Thursday night when I was there and it was good to see everyone!  We hung out outside and she used the same 'Happy Graduation' table cloth she used when my sisters were last up there, so had to include a picture of that. I also got a good picture of the neighbor's dog.  Such a dear, as my sister Jen would say. 

I also have a picture with the windows open, which is something that rarely happens down here.  I closed them at night though, didn't want to be woken up by birds and I have terrible allergies in the spring/early summer up there, so didn't want to take any chances.  Luckily didn't experience any allergy issues, so all was well.  I also snapped several pictures of trips to Wegman's grocery store and their sign referring to soda as pop.  I don't call it pop any more, but it was funny to see it all official on the sign!

Friday I went up to Oswego for Harborfest, as you know if you've followed along this week, and then I headed back to Rochester on Sunday and stopped at my Gma's on the way to the airport and then I was heading back home. 

Hope you enjoyed the play by play this week as much as I enjoyed the time with family, friends and fun!

BlueZone bar at the airport

Rochester Anchor Bar at Marketplace Mall


Yummy good...

Genny Light and Pontillo's pizza...good stuff


Me enjoying hanging outside

Windows open...nice change of pace


Genny Light, Genny Regular and Creme Ale...Yuck on the last two


Holt Road Wegman's!

Eastway Wegman's!

Good doggy, I think her name was Rose or Rosey

All setup for the family get together

Congratulation graduate!  Probably from 1995-ish

Groucho was excited and would jump up and smack my dad in the head, funny!

My Gma, unaware I was snapping a pic


The clouds looked real cool on landing into ATL



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