Monday, August 15, 2011

New Bed

I mentioned Friday we were going to look for a new bed for our spare bedroom this weekend and we succeeded on Saturday!  Our initial plan was to look for a full size platform bed and mattress set.  After thinking it over Saturday morning, we really didn't want to spend approx $500 on a bed and another $500 or more on a mattress set, especially since we may end up moving in the next 2-3 years.  We have the regular metal frame for the bed, but needed a way to prevent the cats from going underneath it.  We were thinking maybe plastic storage bins or shoving pillows under there, but then the wifey came up with a good idea.  Get 3 pieces of wood, one for each side and the end and attach them together to form a pseudo 3 sided box around the bottom.  Viola!  Eureka!  Why didn't I think of that!  More on that later...

So that was the plan, save $ avoiding the new bed and just get the mattress set.  We did some looking through ads and online and then set out to do some comparison shopping.  That is very difficult by design, thanks to how the industry sells mattresses to each different company.  You can have essentially the same bed from each manufacturer like Sealy, Simmons, Serta, etc. but the model name is different each place you go.  They do it that way so that you can't compare apples to apples, can't price match, etc.  It's to confuse you.  By the way, never pay retail for a mattress, there's always room to bargain, it's like buying a car.

We first went to Mattress Firm and found one we liked and it was one of the least expensive in there (other than their no name store brand mattresses) and it was 799.  He said he would throw in free delivery, but other than that he said he doesn't have the ability to bargain, he'd have to call his manager.  Way more than we wanted to spend, so we were outa there.

We then went to Haverty's and found a better one for 599 there.  We told him we'd been shopping and asked about free delivery.  He asked where we'd been and if anyone else was offering free delivery and I said yes, Mattress Firm, so he said that was all he needed to know to approve that.  I then said ok, what can you do on price.  He said, I'll save you the trouble of shopping around, I'll knock $60 off along with the free delivery.  I said it was tempting, but to get me to buy it right now I'll need 100 off.  He said I like your style, but dropping the $65 delivery fee and $60 off that was the best he could do.  It was a very fair price, but we wanted to check out another place or two.  We had planned to go back there for that mattress.  

We did lunch and then found another place we weren't aware of called Best Mattresses.  Great find!  We found a bed that we liked equally as well as Haverty's and it was also $599.  We ended up getting the floor model for $100 off, so it was $499 and because it was tax free weekend, they had a special where they paid the tax, so it was another $35 off for that and they also gave free delivery.  So it was $499 out the door and they actually delivered it 2 hours later and took away the old one.  They also threw in a memory foam pillow for patiently waiting.  There were a bunch of peeps in there also buying.  It is a Simmons Lorenz Luxury Firm Queen mattress/box spring set.  It's more on the firm side, but has a bit of cushion on the top as well.  We were very impressed with them and might even replace our master bedroom bed from there if we try out this one and find it helps with our regularly recurring aches and pains.

We were originally thinking full size, but since we had the frame for the queen already and since at most places the queens were either the same as the full sets or more prevalent, we just decided to go that way.  It was a great experience and we ended up coming in 99 cents under budget. 

We went to Home Depot later that night after the bed was delivered to get the 3 pieces of wood to make our pseudo box frame.   We found the perfect pieces, already white and just needed to have them cut to match the sizes we needed and we were good to go. $36 total plus tax.  We're going to do the same with our master bedroom bed. 

At any rate, all is well now and the pseudo box frame turned out perfectly!  Check out some pictures below.  We may attempt to build/add a headboard at some point, but for now we're real happy with the results!

My name is Monkey and I love my new bed!


Jen said...

Love the pseudo box! Must have missed fridays post. Too bad we don't live closer.

Mock family said...

Really like the wood under the bed idea!! great deals too

Chris said...

Yep and it was only $36 for the wood plus tax, so real good deal. Just grabbed 3 more pieces to do ours tonight. Glad to get our beds off the ground and still keep the kitties out and not spend a bunch o' $$.

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