Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fountain of Youth - St Augustine Florida

This weekend we went to the Fountain of Youth park attraction in St Augustine.  We've lived here 8 years, but had not stopped in just yet.  Since we're county residents, we get to go for FREE.  If it's free, it's for me.  It's on 15 acres of prime Bayfront property.  We had not heard anything about it prior to going, other than I thought they provide water samples from the original underground spring, which is correct.  

The water has a bit of a sulphur smell/taste and the worker in that room said lots of area residents come to drink the water for it's high mineral content and sulphur is supposed to help joints/arthritis.  Unfortunately, the sample cup wasn't enough to turn back the clock on aging, cure all ailments or do much of anything, but it didn't taste too bad.

There are great views of the Matanzas Bay of St Augustine and the surrounding area from this location.  In addition they have several peacocks that you can feed peanuts.  We also managed to find a cat in the woods, but that's nothing new, we see cats everywhere we go.  They must know we love cats.

At any rate, it was pretty much what we expected.  Decent way to pass the time for a few hours and definitely worth it for being free.  Afterward, we went to dinner at La Pentola, another place we've been meaning to go but hadn't made it to yet and I had blackened (seasoned) chicken in a spicy marinara sauce with penne pasta and it was soooooo good!  The spicy sauce made the whole meal.  Salivating just thinking about it.  I will definitely have to return there to have that again.  The wifey had the pecan crusted flounder special in a Chardonnay sauce and she enjoyed it as well. 

Check out some pictures below....

View of the grounds upon entering

The Fountain

Resident cat

Matanzas Bay Cross


View towards the Bridge of Lions

Spot where they fire the canon

View of bridge over to Vilano Beach

Ponce De Leon statue

Yep, it's a peacock

White peacock

You can feed them peanuts

Two of them nibbling on some peanuts

Entrance to La Pentola

We ate outside on the patio, this pic is from the website, there were other people there


Jen said...

No pic of the magical water? I wonder if people go every day to get some. Your food sounds amazing!

Chris said...

Good idea, fountain picture added. I really doubt people go there often just for the water. You could buy bottles of water from there, there was also a spigot in the gift shop where maybe you could fill your own jug? Doubt many do that though.

Mock family said...

interesting! where's the food pics!? I am going tonight to get some spicy marinara sauce at Little Italy. Also barilla makes a spicy marinara sauce that's pretty good

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