Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Watching Paint Dry

Well, really this post isn't about watching paint dry, but it is about paint!  Taking a note from fellow Blogger Jen S, I thought it would be a good idea to put some before pictures up of some painting we've been planning to do.  We're going to go get the paint tonight (Tues night) and will probably start with the bathroom this coming weekend.

We aren't making any major changes, just neutralizing things a bit more so that we're ready to unload the house when the time comes.  Our spare bathroom is currently a lime green type color (Behr Rejuvenate) and we're going to change that to a pastel yellow.  In there we're also going to remove the elongated dual shower curtain rod and return to a standard single curtain rod.  It's similar to the ones you see in many hotels and it does give you some more room in the shower/tub, but that bathroom is very small and that makes the room seem even smaller.  I'll have a decent amount of patching of holes from the removal of that, so we figured it would be good to paint that room at the same time to freshen it up a bit.

In addition, the room we're using for our treadmill/workout room is a dark green that stands out a bit from all of the other colors we have.  It's not crazy different, but I think if we make that room the same color as the spare bedroom directly across the hall that will help tie everything together. 

The color of our spare bedroom is Behr Ryegrass and that will be the color of our workout room.  We haven't picked out the spare bathroom color yet, we'll do that when we get there.  The wifey says it will be a pastel yellow and she'll know it when she sees it so will have to report back on that one when we're done.

Spare bathroom, currently it's a light green; Behr - Rejuvenate

Elongated shower curtain rod that bows out takes up too much room

Bye bye big curtain rod

Spare bedroom is Behr Ryegrass, the same color that we'll pain the workout room

You can't really tell, but it's a lot darker green than our spare bedroom

Our one kitty Sage likes to hang out behind the treadmill


Jen said...

I've got some painting projects for you guys once you finish. Come on over! I can't wait to see all your after pics. I love new paint colors.

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