Friday, April 15, 2011

Adding Facebook Comments to Blogger

I had a prior post on adding Facebook comments to Blogger, but I never did get it working that day.  I just deleted that prior post.  Today I got it working with the help of a few different sites and a bunch of trial and error.  I am currently not getting Facebook notifications when a new comment is made, but everyone else that commented on the step by step instructions on all the other sites said the same thing, so not sure what the trick is there.  I will continue to mess around with that and if I find a fix I'll post it here.

Even without the notifications of new comments, I think giving readers the option to use Facebook comments is a wise choice.  I decided to leave the standard Blogger comment system enabled as well, so you can continue to use either system.  If you're logged into Facebook already, the Facebook comment box will automatically utilize that account.  However, if you are not logged into Facebook, you can grab the pull-down and either comment with Facebook, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail accounts in addition to the standard Blogger comment system.

Using either Google Analytics or Stat Counter I find that if someone comments on a blog post and leaves the 'Post to Facebook' check box enabled, traffic to that particular blog post will be at least double the normal amount of traffic a typical blog post receives.  Since most people have a hundred or more friends on Facebook, that's 100+ more potential unique visitors.  If they like that particular post, they may hang around and stay a while.

This particular site works as a step by step guide.  One thing that was slightly different for me was step 2, sub-item 5, where you search for the word body with < > around it.  I had to instead take the trailing bracket off and just search for <body and copy/paste the info directly after that line.  This is another site I used to grab some info off of, but the first link is much easier to follow and it should work for you just fine.  If you have any questions about how to set it up, definitely let me know as I've tried it about 20 times in several different ways.

Please leave a comment on the new system to let me know you were here and I'd appreciate it if you'd leave the 'Post to Facebook' check box enabled to bring in even more new readers.  If you have any questions/comments or suggestions for new blog posts, let me know!  Thanks for stopping by and hope you find this post helpful!


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