Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vacation Music

Our week long vacation to the Dominican Republic is fast approaching and that can only mean one thing, VACATION MUSIC TIME!  This is around the time when we start to get together our lists of music to add to the MP3 player to enjoy during our beach/pool time.  It's unfortunate that we can't just take our Verizon powered Droid X phones and fire up Pandora like we normally do.  We've gotten quite used to that and it's really great, but I don't believe they have WiFi on the beach and we definitely won't be paying for International roaming, so we'll have to dumb it down a bit and stick with the old school MP3 player. 

The wifey and I overlap when it comes to the tropical music.  The last time we were in the Dominican Republic eight years ago we really loved the music there.  It was mostly in spanish and we came to find out it's a mix of Reggaeton, Bachata and Merengue.  I think we still like it so much because we had such a good time there that we associate the music with good times.  Kinda like the Pavlov's dog thing, ring a bell and I'll salivate. It helps that they also play the same type of music at La Nopalera, our favorite Mexican restaurant!  I believe the best example of the type of music is Frank Reyes, who I think is the most popular Bachata singer.  I just played that for the first time in quite a while and I immediately started to think about the beautiful beaches, warm tropical breezes and good times.   

Since they'll probably be playing plenty of Reggaeton, Bachata and Merengue, we only have a little bit of that on our MP3 players.  What we do have plenty of is Jimmy Buffett / Bob Marley, songs like Beer In Mexico, Tequila, Don't Worry Be Happy, etc. etc.  I just fired up the MP3 player to see what I have on there and actually I think I might be good to go. We compiled a pretty big list for our trip to Mexico last year and I think that should work pretty well.  I also picked up a few 30 Seconds to Mars CDs recently that I really like, so I think that'll do it for me.  Will see what the wifey requests and maybe add a few more songs.  

If you were heading to a tropical destination for vacation, what songs are must haves that aren't already on the list above?  Let me know and I'll probably bring them along!


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