Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Blogger Editor!

I was pretty psyched when I saw a link that said 'New Blogger Editor' when I went to add yesterday's post.  Just as I was hoping, when adding pictures to your blog there are a bunch of new features, most importantly being able to add a picture where your cursor is instead of it automatically putting it at the top!  That is really huge for me, as I've complained over and over about this to my sister Jen.  Over the last week or two I adapted to how it worked and uploaded all pictures first, inserting them in reverse order and then added text afterwards.  A big pain.  Now I don't have to, which is super cool.

In addition, even after adding pictures to your blog you can now change between small, medium, large, extra large and original size by clicking on the picture and you can change the justification and add captions as well.  Also much needed and a welcome change!

 And the last main thing I like is a new Preview button that should show you exactly how your post will look when published.  All good stuff and about time.

Here's a link describing all the changes.  I'd definitely recommend you try it out for yourself!  If you're not a Blogger blogger and instead use Wordpress or something more robust, you probably already have these cool features.  If you're not a blogger at all, maybe now's the time to start?  I'm not going to lie, it's tough coming up with topics 5 days a week, but I try real hard to provide something useful, enlightening or if nothing else, visually appealing so that you leave more informed, inspired or in a better mood than when you arrived.

Have a swell rest of the evening and TGIAF (A=almost)!


Jen said...

I've been able to do these things for months now? I checked my settings and it is set to that new one, did you have to manually select it?

Chris said...

I didn't know anything about it until a little 'try out the new editor' button appeared 2 days ago.

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