Friday, April 22, 2011

Hockey Playoffs and Arena Football Weekend!

First off, happy long weekend for anyone else, like me, that has off Friday-Sunday!  This weekend we have a full schedule of spectator sports on tap.  We start out the weekend on Friday night with some Buffalo Sabres playoff hockey and we're super psyched that we found out that there is a bar in St Augustine that is owned by a former Buffalonian that is a huge Sabres fan and makes Beef on Weck (this one was new to me) and Labatts Blue!  It's a huge event with lots of former Western NYers all there to have a great time!

We found out about that through the WNY-2-Jax Facebook page that we stumbled across Wednesday night after watching the Sabres tie up the series 2 games to 2 over the Flyers.  The wifey saw a post from them on another Sabres fan page.  We are super excited about that.  It's a page dedicated to former WNYers in the Jacksonville/St Augustine area.  So we'll get to hang out with lots of peeps from our hometown, which will be great!  We miss the people and foods from WNY all the time, so this will feel like a slice of home right in our own back yard!

The bar we're going to is Ann O'Malley's Deli and Pub and here's their post about the event from their Facebook Page:

Buffalo Sabres are back to Philli on Fri for game #5! O'Malley's will be serving Beef On Weck Fri & Sun this week. To compliment your salty, beefy treat we will have Green Screamers, Blue Light Bottles & Blue drafts. Gear from any team, get a FREE Blue Draft. Sabres fan, when the Sabres score, get a FREE Blue Draft! Puck down at 7:30 St. Augustine & St Johns County, FL.

I believe Green Screamers are Genny Creme Ale....while I'm a former HUGE fan of Genny Light from Rochester, NY, not a huge fan of the Screamers, but that's still very cool and I will be enjoying the Blue!

Then on Saturday night we're heading out to dinner with our friends Sean and Rachel and afterwards we're going to see our Jacksonville Sharks Arena Football team.  We went to the home opener last year and had a great time with my sister Jen and David.  The Sharks are currently tied for 1st place in their division and Cleveland is 1st in their division as well, so should be a great game!  They've never been before, so will be fun to share the experience with some newbies.

Then game 6 of the Sabres playoffs is Sunday and I think after two nights out on the town, Sunday we'll definitely be watching this one from home to round out the weekend.   Have any weekend plans?  Be sure to root for the Sabres, let's go Buffalo!!


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