Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Redneck Slip and Slide!

We went to the beach this weekend, as we do most weekends when the weather is nice and normally it's just quiet and relaxing and uneventful, as you would expect the beach to be, but not this time!   We didn't know we would be entertained by a new phenomena known as REDNECK SLIP AND SLIDE!!!  A group of guys started to setup the clear plastic tarp and we were thinking perhaps a slip and slide for the two young kids they had with them, but it was very hard packed sand due to low tide, so woulda been painful.  But nope, it was for the adults and these guys had done this a time or two before!  They came complete with baby oil to slide on down the line.  

It really was hilarious, most specifically the last shot when they decided to amp it up a bit.  The one guy got pummelled with a football, bucket of water and a ball that resembled a basketball, which hit the guy directly in the nuts.  Click the pictures for the close ups, as you can really get a feel for the fun these guys were having.  That last one is a great action shot, you see the water splashing him in the face, just after the basketball had smashed him in the family jewels.  You can see the amount of power that went into the shot based on the stance the guy is in next to the water throwing girl.  And all the way on the left in that shot you can see the guy with the football preparing for launch!  HAH...Good times!!



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