Tuesday, April 26, 2011

App of the Day

Today I wanted to highlight/recommend a free game called Doodle Bowling.  It's available for both Android and iPhone and it's super fun!  It's a very simple, yet accurate bowling game and all you have to do is flick your finger and that's about it.  If you want, you can curve your ball left or right after you flick it, if you notice it's not quite going straight, but really you don't even need to do that.  Every time you play a game, you get a credit.  Credits can be used to unlock new themed bowling lanes. 

Each game only takes a few minutes to play, so it is very easy to just pick it up, play a game or two and put it back down.  It's really great that the physics of the game are true to life also.  If you are trying to pick a difficult spare, it works just like a regular game of bowling.  If you hit the pins just right, the pins will slide over and knock down the pins on the other side.  Also, the harder you flick your finger, the faster the ball goes, which also affects how the pins fall.

I wish someone would come out with a similar Golf game like the old Birdie King arcade games where you use the track ball to guide your ball down the course.  That was very similar in control to this game, so hopefully something like that will come out soon!

This is a free ad-supported game, however I have the Ad-Free app running on my rooted Droid X and I don't get any ads at all in this game, so I can't speak to that aspect.  Hopefully it's not something that is super annoying.

All in all it's one of the best games out there for ease of use, playability and accuracy.  Have you tried the game?  If so, what's your high score?  If not, try it out and then let me know how you do.  My current high game is 205.  Do you have any quick and easy to play/put down games that you enjoy?


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