Monday, April 25, 2011

Choosing a Book To Read For Vacation

We started packing for our upcoming vacation and so far so good with the exception of my reading material.  I had purchased a book called Trend Trading For a Living, but after paging through it a bit I think I need something a little lighter for vacation.  It seems that it would be a bit more work than vacation. 

I usually like to read things that are inspirational or motivational when on vacation, since my mind is more open and relaxed.  Then I come home refreshed and invigorated ready to apply some of what I've learned.  Past books I've read on vacation are Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Jim Cramer's Sane Investing in an Insane World, Jim Cramer's Getting Back To Even and The Power of You.

They were all good and I would definitely recommend them, but the book that stood out at the time was Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  I think I read that one the last time we were in the Dominican Republic 8 years ago.  At the time it was new, exciting information to me and I was excited to get home and try to apply some of what I'd learned to attempt to bring in passive income in some way. Shortly after we returned, I purchased this domain name,  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but initially I was so excited about the book and the info that I was motivated to at take some action.

This time around I'm thinking I would like to read something a bit lighter.  I will be reading Trend Trading for a Living when I return, so I think it would be more beneficial to actually take time off from learning about stock trading and grab a book or two that is just fun, light reading.  Humor would be good and definitely non-fiction, not a big fiction fan.  I'm thinking I might grab Red, which is a biography by the Red Rocker, Sammy Hagar, original front man for Van Halen and solo artist.  I'm a big fan and it sounds interesting and easy/light reading.

I'd like one more book but haven't had any luck in my searches so far.  I'll probably go to Barnes and Noble on Tuesday, since I don't have time to order them online before we go.  I'm taking suggestions, have you read/heard about any light, easy to read, fun non-fiction books that would be readily available in store?  Thanks ahead of time for any information!


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