Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shuttle Endeavor Launch Friday

In case you are not aware, the 2nd to last shuttle launch overall is scheduled for tomorrow, Friday at 3:47pm Eastern Time.  This is the final launch for the Shuttle Endeavor.  The Atlantis will be the last shuttle launched and that one is currently scheduled for June 28th.  They're expecting approximately 500,000 people for the event, including President Obama and his family.  That is an insane amount of people for such a small area.  Glad we got to experience one prior to all the hype surrounding the final launches.  My boss is heading on a weekend cruise to the Bahamas out of Port Canaveral Friday, hopefully she finds a way to get through all the expected traffic down there.  On the plus side, she should have a great view.  God speed! 

Crowds decent on Cape Canaveral For Endeavor Launch


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