Monday, April 11, 2011


I was sitting here trying to think of what to write for Monday's blog post and it came to me when the wifey walked by on the phone with her mom.  She was talking about an upcoming weekend trip we're going to take towards the end of May to get PIZZA!  Not just any pizza, PONTILLO'S PIZZA!!  If you're not from the Rochester, NY area, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about, but stay with me, it just might change your life for the better!  Well maybe I'm exaggerating a LITTLE bit, but this is the best pizza eva!

A road trip for pizza you say?  Yep, but we don't have to head to NY State, we're heading to the Sarasota FL area because they have an authentic Pontillo's Pizza location!!  We were so excited when we found this out recently.  The way I found out was by chance, I happened to post a message on Calabresella's New York Style Deli Facebook page, which actually ships Pontillo's Pizza and lots of other hometown favorite foods.  The problem is they charge $25 for a large pizza and another $25 for shipping, each pizza.  $50 is a bit much per pie, but I understand they have to charge that much for shipping to make sure it arrives frozen in dry ice, etc.  I had asked if they had deals like a buy one get one free or free shipping to FL if you buy a bunch of pizzas and someone messaged me and let me know that there is a Pontillo's in Sarasota, how cool!  Love the internet!!

Since we really like the Sarasota/Tampa area and we were looking for an excuse to head that way for a long weekend anyway, this turned out to be a perfect opportunity to load up.  It'll be right around our anniversary, so we're turning it into a little weekend getaway with a bonus of bringing back 5 large pies.  :o)  We really don't have room for that much, even with our little stand up fridge/freezer in the garage, but we'll make it work somehow.  We actually brought a large pizza back on the plane when we went up there for labor day last year and it worked well.  We savored it and had a piece each when we had a craving, but found out that around the 4 month mark it started to get freezer burn, but luckily it wasn't to the point of no return.  We were able to enjoy each scrumptious piece!  But at least we know there is an expiration point, so we'll be sure not to let it go to waste.

It did not click with me until right now, but checking out another link to the Sarasota location shows that they've been in that location for 12 years!  12 freakin years!  We've been to Sarasota once and have been close by in Tampa at least 4-5 times over the last 8 years that we've been in Florida and WE NEVER KNEW WE COULD HAVE HAD PONTILLO'S many missed opportunities!  :p

A bonus that my sisters found the other day was that Mark's pizza, their favorite from home, just opened a location in Brandon FL about a 40 minute drive north of Sarasota.  We're loving that the hometown places are setting up shop in Florida.  We hope it's the start of more to come and that they head closer to us.  Now only if we could get a Wegman's down here!  If it weren't for Pontillo's being there, we would definitely have had some Mark's while we were there.  It is yummy and blows any pizza here out of the water and Mark's wings are better than Pontillo's, we just prefer the yummy sweeter sauce of Pontillo's over Mark's.  How could you not love this pizza?  Man, we both salivate just looking at it!

Do you have any hometown favorite foods or foods you miss from certain places that you'd travel great distances or go to great lengths to have?  Would love to hear about it!


Jen S said...

I just spent 3 days in Rochester and had:
Vanilla muffin from Wegman's
Pontillo's pizza
Mark's Pizza
Bill Gray's burger
Charlie's trash plate
Yummmm. I gained 2lbs but it was worth it!

Jen S said...

Oh, and a chicken finger sub from Flag's :)

Jen said...

Wonderful food choices for your visit home, Jen! All I have to say is, Mark's Mark's Mark's Mark's Mark's Mark's Mark's Mark's Mark's Mark's Mark's Mark's.

Chris said...

Mmmm...great job Jen S! That is impressive for such a short trip!! Good stuff...

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